Jackson Hole - Fall Break

After our first scorching hot summer in Texas, we were ready to beat the heat! This was our first time in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and it was absolutely gorgeous! This was the perfect fall getaway with sunny, crisp, cool days. I have to mention the airport because it was the best one I’d ever been in. As soon as you get off the plane, you are taken aback by the huge mountains! The airport itself is small, clean, and perfectly on-brand with lots of wood and western touches.

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We rented a car for the week, and then drove it to the nearest grocery store to get essentials for the cabin. We stayed in the Teton Village. From what I had heard, unless you’re planning on going out for nightlife in town, Teton Village is the place to be. When we have the kids with us, we prefer to have our own cabin (vs hotel room) so we can all spread out. The girls loved sharing a bunk bed, and I loved the 2 cozy fireplaces! Within an hour of checking in, we had spotted a huge black bear just wandering around the cabins! 

For dinner on the first night we went to Gun Barrel Steak & Game House. It was a great comfy casual spot, with the interior being very on-theme. Lots of mounted wildlife, and an open kitchen where the kids loved watching their meat be prepared. We especially loved the artichoke dip here! 

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The next morning, we woke up early and went to Cowboy Coffee! I got the Snickers Latte, and Cory got the breakfast burrito. I stole a bit and it was delicious! I will say the line didn’t move fast, so don’t come here when you’re in a hurry. 

Next we went to Kemo Sabe to make cowboy hats! I had wanted to do this forever, and what better time than now! I actually talked Cory into doing it with me, and his hat looked so natural on him you’d think he was born on a ranch. Now these are super expensive, and I didn’t realize that until we started looking at price tags. The cheapest hat base starts around $400, and they go up into the mid $1,000s. (Just for the hat before decorating!) I quickly realized I wouldn’t be able to add everything I wanted. The staff members are super helpful and knowledgeable. This was one of my favorite experiences of the trip and I highly recommend it if you’re into hats and think you’d get some wear out of it. 

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After shopping downtown, we decided to stay in for the night. We got in our comfy clothes, watched the Golden Batchelor, and ate some of the groceries we had purchased the first day. 

The next morning we rode the tram in the Teton Village up to Corbet’s Cabin Top of the World Waffles! Once you get up the mountain you’re over 10,000 feet up! When we got on the tram at the bottom it was fall, and once we got up to the top there was snow everywhere! The restaurant is tiny and cute. You can eat outdoors and enjoy the mountain view, or cozy up inside! The menu is limited, but everything we had was tasty! 

We got hot cocoas (best ever), the girls got the Nutella waffle, and we got the peanut butter-bacon waffle. After getting our bellies full, we headed back down the mountain, and into town to Teton Toys. They had a huge selection here! The kids were so overwhelmed it took them forever to pick something. We also grabbed a Disney Trivia board game to play back in the cabin. 

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After family game time, we got dressed up and headed over to the Four Seasons Resort in the Teton Village for dinner. We made reservations at The Westbank Grill. The resort is beautiful, and the dinner was great! I loved the spicy margarita and the ahi tuna/scallops entree! We got the tableside s'mores to share for dessert! 

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The next morning we started at Snake River Roasters for coffee and breakfast! They have a great menu and enough seating inside which is nice! I got the breakfast burrito which was phenomenal and 4 donuts because I couldn’t decide on one. We took the donuts to-go on our scenic drive! We went to the Grand Teton National Park, and stopped at Jenny Lake. The most gorgeous views and photo ops! 

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For dinner we went to Pinky G’s Pizza! Laid-back, old school vibes with throwback songs playing! The garlic cheesy bread was so good! After dinner we took a walk downtown and got some photos in front of the antler arches. There are 4 of them on each corner of the square, so that makes it way easier to get photos without a huge line of people. 

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And then it was time to head back to Texas! Our flight wasn’t until the afternoon, so we had a little down time in the morning to enjoy the hot tub and pack up. We stopped at the Bistro for breakfast, and loved it! Cory had the brunch burger, and I had the veggie omelet with the house made granola yogurt bowl. 

I can now understand why Jackson Hole is such a special place for so many people! It will definitely be a part of our travel rotation. There were a lot of activities that weren’t in season that we would love to try next time! We definitely want to do the Bar T 5 Chuck Wagon Dinner and experience all the family fun on Snow King Mountain during our next visit! 

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