Halloween Home 2023

Our first spooky season in Texas! It was a lot of fun, (but challenging), to decorate new spaces this year. It was also a little harder to get into the spirit as early with the temperatures being so high for fall! With this rental home being more space than I’m used to, I decided to keep the decor to the main level only. In the past, I would decorate the bedrooms, bathrooms, and every nook & cranny! This year I simplified, and just did the areas I knew guests would see. The porch, staircase, family room, formal living room, and dining room. 

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I started with the family room! I wanted this space to feel vintage, like a 90’s Halloween! Lots of glowing jack-o-lanterns and ghosts. I stuck with traditional Halloween colors, and love how festive it turned out! 

I knew I wanted to display my 2 favorite Halloween items, and this room was the perfect place! The blow mold ghost was a staple for my childhood Halloweens. My mom would put it in the same spot every year since I was a few weeks old. (By the stairs in the entryway) This piece brings me so much nostalgia, I had to find one on eBay a couple years ago! It makes me smile everytime I look at it. 

My other favorite is the rocking witch! We also had this piece in my childhood home, and last year my mom bought me one for my birthday! (Also from ebay!) Love how the entire room turned out. It really is the perfect cozy setting for a Halloween movie marathon!

Next I moved on to the staircase! I was so excited about this curved staircase, and was immediately thinking of how I would decorate it for the holidays. I went for a black, eerie, witchy vibe here. I also incorporated lots of black crows and lanterns. It’s giving Edgar Allen Poe. 

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It’s time for the porch! When I go to decorate a room, I try to start with one item I’m absolutely in love with, and then build a theme around that! For the porch, it was this incredible wreath by @youhavearriveddecor. I used a grapevine to make a garland around the door, and then stuffed it with skulls, jack-o-lanterns, sticks from the backyard, black picks, and draped spanish moss over everything for a swampy effect. 

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For the rest of the exterior, I wanted it to be the “Ghost House”. We put the DIY lit ghosts in all the big windows, and hung others from trees and galvanized steel wire to look like they are floating!

I bought the 12-foot skeleton from Home Depot this summer, and wasn’t sure what to do with him until I had no plans for the formal living room. Well, this corner seemed like the perfect spot! This is the view just passed the staircase when you first walk in the home!

Then we moved into the office space! Now this room is dark and moody to begin with, so I thought it would be fitting for a mini Haunted Mansion! The Disney World ride is my all-time favorite, and this year I had to create some kind of decor for it. I bought the stretching portraits in the largest size, and hung them with thumb tacks. Cory engineered the singing busts by using a projector on styrofoam heads! 

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And to finish off the house tour, the trick-or-treat dining room! A few years ago I started collecting Dept 56 Halloween villages pieces, and I knew I wanted to display them on this sideboard. Well the whole theme fell into place around the village. I wanted to create a fun, whimsical room that both kids and adults would love! 

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I bought lots of glass jars and filled them with Halloween candy as the centerpiece to the dining room table. This was also my first year doing a Halloween tree! I love it so much!! 

Well that’s our Halloween Home Tour for 2023! It was a lot of fun getting to be creative and figure out how to decorate a different house. Now to enjoy it for a month before we start decorating for Christmas! 

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