Halloween Decor + Traditions

The chilly weather this week had me in the mood to get out my creepy crawlies! Now that it's mid-October, I want to share some of our Halloween decor + traditions. I have awesome memories from my childhood Halloweens, so it's important to me to make it super special for my kids now. 

I love to decorate for Halloween a couple weeks before the big day. After I feel like I've enjoyed my harvest elements, I switch it up and bring out my spooks! Obviously with little kids, I don't use anything too scary. My favorite Halloween decor is more eerie and glam.

I saw someone use these bats on Instagram, and ordered them right away. These are my favorite addition to our Halloween decor this year! They are adorable, and so easy to apply. The only place I've found them was on Amazon. I will add the link to them below. 

I was obsessed with Target's Halloween items this year. I just had to have the studded pumpkins and velvet skulls. I purchased a lot of black creepy cloths last year at Dollar Tree. It's super easy to throw these around the house, and instantly create a ghostly vibe. 

I set up the bar cabinet in our sitting room with this basket of glam mini-pumpkins. 

This gravestone was $1 at Dollar Tree, and the tiny skulls are from Target. I bought the rhinestoned skull at At Home last year. 

This was my dining room table from last year. I found the black tree in the Target dollar spot. I got the black runner, fake candles, skulls, and cob webs from Dollar Tree. 

I got these cups with cute sayings from Wal-Mart. I made a big pitcher of cranberry margarita, so I rimmed these cups with Halloween sugar sprinkles! 

Confession: I did have a really cute basket full of candy, but we already ate it all. I always buy it way too early, and then have to go get more. Lol! I can't resist Snickers & Reese cups. 

We grew up in a big neighborhood that had lots of trick-or-treating action! Every year, we would have our family over and indulge in festive fall foods. There were always a variety of soups, sandwiches, chips, and dips. And obviously treats. My mom would break out all the spooky decorations, and crank up the scary music. My sister and I loved it so much!

I've carried on our tradition, and host Halloween at my house now. It's awesome to see my girls get just as excited as me. Hopefully they will always remember these nights, and be able to reminisce with each other one day. (Like my sister and I do now.)

Another tradition is watching the movie,"The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown", a couple days before Halloween. We were obsessed with it as kids, and now my girls love it. It's the cutest movie, and really gets you in the spirit! Our favorite part is, "I got a rock."

Story Time: One year I had a preschool Halloween party at my house. My mom dressed up as a witch, took us all down to the basement, turned off the lights, and played scary music. She started jumping around and talking in her creepy witch voice.  Kids were crying. Thankfully, we got this whole party on video. Haha!

Our family costumes last year. We were Game of Thrones characters. ( Jon Snow, Khaleesi, and the baby dragons. ) 

I'm so excited for this year's party and costumes! I get really into the holidays. Especially now that I'm a mom. Everything is so magical with littles.


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