Our 2018 Autumn Home Decor

Well guys.... I just couldn't wait. After school starts, I'm ready to transition into fall. I want to share some Autumn decor I just finished on our main level. When it comes to fall decorating, I want our home to feel open, airy, with just a hint of coziness. I went for mostly neutrals this year, and kept it pretty simple. I wanted our home to have "autumn vibes", instead of screaming "farm house pumpkin patch". Lol! You don't have to go out and spend a ton of money to make your home look seasonal. Just pay attention to fabrics, textures, and colors. 


All I did for our entryway cabinet was set up a little wood server. I purchased it at TJ Maxx a couple years ago, and use it for so many things! The candles and pumpkin are also from TJ Maxx. When styling servers, it's usually best to use the odd number rule, and make sure you are using varying heights and shapes. 

Formal Sitting Room

The kids never go in here. That's why we have glass decorations so low to the ground. Haha! For this room, all I did was add a fall serving tray, and throw a faux fur blanket over the love seat. Faux fur instantly makes any room feel warm and cozy. 

Dining Room 

We actually eat in our dining room, so I wanted something I could easily remove for supper time. (The kids would be playing with the decorations if I didn't move them.) I found the vase and leaf stems at the At Home store last year. The tray is from Pier 1, and I styled it with all Dollar Tree items! I loved the little green pumpkins, since they are different than the usual orange/red/yellow theme. The tan ones are burlap for some texture, and I got 2 packs of cloth leaves to cover the bottom of the tray.

TIP: Always go to the Dollar Tree first, and go ahead of season!!! I've learned this the hard way. Their new seasonal items come out really early and don't get restocked. All the trendy and neutral items will go quickly, so I make sure I get the first pick. Find what you can there, and then go into TJ Maxx, Hobby Lobby, Homegoods, etc. 

Living Room

The girls mostly play in the living room, so I didn't put out any decorations on the coffee table for obvious reasons. To make this room feel more autumn-y, I used faux fur pillows, mixed with patterned pillows with some fringe. I just bought those yesterday at TJ Maxx for $12.99 each. I also added a furry throw blanket, and switched out the pillows on the chair. 


I prefer minimal decor in the kitchen,  so I have more cooking space. Your kitchen also appears more spacious and clean if you don't display all of your small appliances. I only keep out the Keurig because it gets a ton of use. I added a pumpkin, acorn, and a new candle to the tray. This candle smells amazing! I just picked it up yesterday at TJ Maxx, and it's just delicious. 

Powder Room

This is the restroom that our guests use, so I try to keep it cute and clean. I bought these floating shelves at Old Time Pottery, and spray painted them charcoal grey. All I really did in here today was add the white glass pumpkin (Dollar Tree), and replace the fruity candle with a fall scented one. 

This is also a great time to replace the hand towel with a fresh one, and get a new hand soap. Bath & Body Works fall scents are my favorite! 

Next up on my to-do list is our Autumn porch, so be looking for that post here soon. Thanks for reading! 


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