Lux's "Party Animal" Birthday!


We had such a great day celebrating Lux turning 7! I knew I wanted to have a live exotic animal show, so the "party animal" theme was a perfect fit. 

The big inflatable animals were so much fun, and really pulled together the theme. They are also reusable! After the party I just deflated them, so we can use them again for other themes.  

The "Let's Get Wild" banner was super cute, and a nice switch up from the usual "happy birthday" one we typically use. 

For lunch we had a nacho bar! I just purchased this buffet crockpot, and it was awesome! I was able to serve three types of meat in it. (chicken, ground beef, and carnitas). I will also be using it again for Halloween when we host our annual party. The possibilities with this thing are endless. If you host gatherings, birthdays, or holidays, you need it! 

Our Nacho Bar:
- tortilla chips
- chicken, ground beef, carnitas
- queso cheese
- homemade guac
- jalapenos
-diced tomatoes
- sour cream
- salsa
- cilantro
- green onion
- shredded lettuce
- all of the taco bell sauces

Farmhouse Cakes did the beautiful animal print cake! These balloons were absolutely fabulous. So much better than I even expected. I loved how they were perfect spheres, and large! We just bought this pack of all the assorted prints, and used this helium tank. 

Hedgehog Hannah from Indianapolis, IN came down and put on an amazing animal show! This was a huge hit with the kids and adults!


  1. Where did you get your dress?

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