Work from Home as a Virtual Assistant!

If you've ever wanted to stay at home with your kids, while also making an income, you will love today's blog post! A couple of my girl friends have launched a coaching program to help you successfully become a Virtual Assistant. With everything moving online, there is a fast-growing need for these services. I will share all the information below, and include a coupon code for their Virtual-Assistant coaching program! 

About Us: 

Ariel and Tianna are two WFHM's (Work From Home Moms) who got started in the Virtual Assistant world almost a decade ago. They wanted to be able to stay home with their littles without sacrificing their career, and now they teach other mamas who want to do the same!

After getting asked all of the time, "HOW can I work from home?"

Ariel and Tianna developed a passion to help other moms find freedom in motherhood by providing dynamic Virtual Assisting coaching.

Their goal is to EMPOWER moms who are looking for an opportunity to work from home OR who are already working from home as a virtual assistant. They want to see you find success in your career AND your motherhood. No settling needed!

All-In Virtual Assistant Coaching Program:

What is in the program?

Arial and Tianna are taking moms through 4 phases to launch their Virtual Assistant career. The first phase involves creating your brand, setting your rate, and refining you online presence to attract clients. The second phase is an introductory to the VA world through their VA toolkit, dictionary, and sample tasks. The third phase walks you through reaching out to potential clients and the fourth phase teaches you how to manage clients. And that includes all their email, checklist, and contract templates.

How do you access the course?

The course is through an online platform, so you receive an email with instructions to login within 24 hours of enrolling. You can access all of the content, anytime, and you never lose access.

So what does the coaching part of the program involve?

Members also get access to a private FB group where you are supported, encouraged, and kept accountable throughout your journey. It's the main area for any live coaching you need. But there is also a weekly live group coaching call that all members can join anytime they have questions!

Another special aspect of the FB group is that there are consistently job opportunities shared in the group as well as opportunities for intros to clients that reach out to Ariel and Tianna for placement.

How has it worked for others so far?

This process is exactly how Arial and Tianna grew their Virtual Assistant careers.

  • One of their students, Tatelyn, quit her 9-5 of 6 years within 2 weeks after this phase with a full-time position lined up. They introduced her to the client, and even helped her negotiate her pay.
  • Abby, another one of their students, booked her first interview just a few days into the reachouts phase.
  • Another student, Mercedes landed a client they directly introduced her to using the confidence she gained during this phase.
  • Katie, felt relief the first day she joined the program because it opened her eyes to all of the opportunities out there for her to quit for 9-5 and work from home. She had her first interview with a client one week later!

If you would like to pursue your career as a Virtual Assistant, use code
to get a discount on a coaching program! 


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