Our Orange Beach Vacation & Restaurant Reviews

Just got back from our vacation in Orange Beach, Alabama, and we had the best week! If you're ever looking for a family-friendly beach vacation, this is the place to go! I'm going to share my opinions on the restaurants we went to, activities we did, and any extra tips!

Night #1

After driving for 12 hours, we usually have a low-key night. We went to Sea-N-Suds, which we have been going to forever, but weren't impressed with it this time. The prices are pretty cheap, but I think there is better fried seafood elsewhere. Cory and I shared the fried sampler platter, and it was tiny. We will scratch this one off the list next trip. The location is right on the beach which is neat, so if you really want to try it, I suggest just going for a casual lunch.

Day #2

Beach day! We brought a big canopy, packed lunches, and planned to spend the whole day on the beach. Cory brought spikeball, and the guys had a lot of fun with that. It was nice to have the canopy to get a break from the sun.

We went to The Gulf for dinner. I love the whole aesthetic of this place. Right on the water, with so much sand for the kids to play in. It's counter service though, so I feel like that's a pain. The menu is written on a chalkboard, so you have to make a quick decision. My cocktail was terrible here, and I ordered fish tacos which were also bad. No flavor, and the fish was overcooked. Such a bummer, because I really wanted to love it. The rest of the family got the grouper sandwich though, and they said it was awesome. So I suggest reading online reviews before deciding what to order.

Day #3

Father's Day Breakfast - We thought it would be a fun idea to make a big Father's Day breakfast and all eat together one morning. We made a southwest sausage egg casserole, ham and cheese quiches, cinnamon rolls, and the berry french toast bake I've shared on Instagram.

"Adults Day"- We try to do this every year, and it's so much fun! My mom and dad will watch all the kids for the afternoon, while the parents go to the FloraBama bar. We had some awesome drinks here! I think the one I got was the Blueberry Bama Jama. Get it!!! There is always different rooms with live music, so it's fun to walk around and check out the different bands. Then, we walk across the street to the FloraBama Yacht Club. This place is a must-go! The location is stunning. Right on the water, with boats pulling right up to the beach. The food is awesome! We got a bunch of appetizers to share. It's all great, but everyone loved the firecracker calamari. It comes with this sweet chili sauce drizzled over it, and it's so yum! For a drink here, get a bushwhacker! They are strong and filling, so I recommend finding someone to share with!

Day #4

The dads went golfing, and the rest of us went to the beach.

For dinner we went to Tacky Jacks, and everyone enjoyed their food. I got the crab legs, and loved them! There was also live music right by our table, which was fun.

Day #5

We went to Playa for dinner, and it was good! It's a more Mexican-inpsired menu, with different options that you won't see at the usual places. We sat upstairs with a view of the marina. We both tried two of their signature cocktails, and loved them. I got the fried grouper with grits and a pineapple-corn salsa. Amazing! Cory got the steak tacos, and they were also delicious. I always try what he orders so I can give a fair review. Lol.

After dinner we went to get ice cream at Sweet Cone Alabama. They have a ton of flavors, and the cutest interior. There is usually a line, but it moves quickly.

Day #6

This was our last day together as a whole family, so we chose Lulu's for dinner. They have a "get in line" feature on their website, so definitely put your name in before you go. The wait can be up to 4 hours. We had a 1-hour wait, which was perfect because there are so many activities to keep you busy while you wait. The kids did the little climbing gym, and the adults grabbed a drink from the outside bar.

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Cory and I always share the platter for 2, which is absolutely huge! This is my favorite fried seafood meal. Loved their spicy cocktail sauce for shrimp dipping!

After dinner we went across the street to "The Track" for some rides! They have a kiddie ride section that is the perfect size for my girls right now. They also have go-carts for older kids, and an arcade. I'm hoping to do mini golf during the next trip.

Day #7

We got up early and went to Brick and Spoon for breakfast. This was our third time here, and we love it! The menu is unique, and it's a cute little vibe. You have to get the "Bananas in Pajamas" appetizer! Fried bananas drizzled in their special chocolate "foster sauce". For our main course we got brioche french toast and a cheesy omelet.

After breakfast, we went to Souvenir City (the one with the big shark) to get hermit crabs for Lux. There are tons of little beach souvenir shops, but this one is the most memorable for kids since you have to enter through the shark's mouth.

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For dinner the last night, we went on an adults-only double date to Fisher's. This place is a must-go! They have two separate restaurants with two different menus, so make sure you know where you want to go. Fisher's Dockside is going to be more casual with a larger menu, and they offer cheaper entrees such as burgers, tacos, and sandwiches. Fisher's Upstairs is more elegant, or "yacht chic". Haha! The view of all the huge boats is gorgeous, and it's such a swanky vibe up there. The menu is small, and only offers the choice of 5 entrees ranging from $32-$48 a dish. If you have kids I recommend eating at dockside, and if you want a nice adults-only meal, I say upstairs is worth it. Cory got the filet mignon, and I got the scallop dish (which I loved). They also give you free cornbread as an appetizer, which is always fun.

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Well to wrap things up, here are my Must-Go places.

2. FloraBama Yacht Club for food.

4. Brick and Spoon for breakfast. Get the bananas in pajamas!

5. Lulu's: big portions of delicious fried seafood and family fun!

6. Fisher's Upstairs or Dockside: swanky yacht vibes and amazing food.  

7. Sweet Cone Alabama for ice cream!


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