Fall Home Tour 2019

Our home is ready for fall! I'm a little sad to see the warm summer days come to an end, but also excited for all the upcoming festivities fall will bring. This time of year through Christmas is my absolute favorite! As a mom, I get to create all the magic surrounding the seasons, and decorating our home is one of my favorite ways to do it.

A lot of my favorite childhood memories involve seasons/holidays, and how my mom would really set the scene for us kids. She worked so hard to create a clean, beautiful, and festive environment for our family. I remember getting butterflies in my stomach when our most-loved fall and Halloween decorations would come out of storage! My dad would rake piles of leaves for my sister and me to jump in, and there would be homemade pumpkin bread (family recipe) for an after-school snack. I've always wanted that for my own family, so now it's really a dream come true getting to decorate and make the seasons come alive at home. 

Decorating doesn't have to break the bank. It does take some effort, though. I try to be resourceful, and use items I already have. I've noticed that even if I just get a couple new pieces, but style everything different than years past, it feels like I bought all new decor! 

People think I'm crazy to start fall shopping at the beginning of August, but it takes multiple trips and shopping around for weeks to find the perfect pieces at good prices. I always try to stop at Dollar Tree first. I know it's hit or miss, but I've found some amazing finds there every year! 

These white velvet pumpkins were only $1 each! (Dollar Tree) I'm pretty sure I cleared out every single white one. Haha! I found this grey buffalo check table runner at Hobby Lobby. I think I paid less than $10 for it. This year for my table, I wanted something neutral, simple, and elegant. 

The other small pumpkins were found at Hobby Lobby. I thought it looked nice to have them piled up, and facing different ways. I had seen similar tablescapes on Pinterest, and thought it would be a gorgeous setup at little cost. 

For our formal sitting room, I added a bowl of assorted pumpkins (from Target) to the coffee table. I also bought some new fall branches from Hobby Lobby, and placed them in a vase I already had. Seasonal branches are a great way to add texture and height to any room or space. 

For our living room area, I bought a fresh white furry throw blanket from TJ Maxx. I also added a little decorative tray, and used seasonal pieces I already owned. 

Pretty simple, but I like keeping it that way because extra clutter really stresses me out. Lol! We don't keep any toys or toy box in the living room now, because it was giving me major anxiety. I'm sure all you moms can relate! 

If the girls want to bring down a couple toys, they have to clean them up and put them away (back in their rooms) after they're done. We also keep a few coloring books and crayons in the pantry for a quick activity. 

Eliminating toys and kid stuff from the main level has done so much for my sanity! 

In the kitchen, I just added a tray with pumpkins and a candle. I bought this one at TJ Maxx last year, and had to get it this year too! It smells so delicious, so if you see it there, make sure you grab it. It makes your house smell like you're baking tasty autumn treats! (Village Candle - Maple Pumpkin)

We re-styled our back deck after summer, (got rid of the water table/toys/baby pool) and re-vamped it to be a cute relaxing space. In Indiana, we have the nicest porch-sitting weather in the fall, so I wanted to decorate this area with mums and white pumpkins. A perfect little spot to enjoy coffee or apple cider. 

And finally the front porch! I always spend the most time (and money) on my fall porch. This is the first thing people see when they come over, and I love to make a statement. For the last two years I've done a more cool-tone theme with my mums and pumpkins. I think it's a fun (and glam) change from the usual red/orange/yellow. 

Confession: 23 out of 25 of these pumpkins are fake! Last year, it got so hot that my pumpkins literally turned to mush and stained my concrete. (Ahhh!) This year, I decided to make the "investment" of fake pumpkins. Initially, they are a little more expensive than real ones. I got some from Hobby Lobby that were around the $6-$15 a piece mark, and then found some for an even better deal at Kroger for $4-$6. I love that I can pull them out every year from now on. 

My large pumpkins are real. I couldn't find any fake ones that were big enough, so I just bought real ones from Kroger for $4 a piece. Hobby Lobby sells white (or any other color) acrylic paint for under $1 each. I just painted these guys white, and they turned out beautiful. It took about 1.5 paints per pumpkin, and 3 coats of paint to get it to how I wanted it to look. I bought the hay bales from Hobby Lobby too. I love that they add height and texture to the display. 

When it comes to your mum and pumpkin choices, size matters. For the best results, you're going to want to get a variety of sizes. I always need bigger mums and pumpkins than I think. Once I set them out, everything seems so much smaller. I also always buy more than I think I'll need, and then return something if I don't end up using it. 

Overall, I think it's important to try to get creative. I never copy a Pinterest/Instagram photo exactly. I like to get inspiration, or maybe buy one similar piece, but it's so much cooler to try to come up with your own creations. Don't be afraid to experiment with new color schemes, paints, or fun door mats! 

I will be switching my fall decor out for spooky Halloween vibes around the second week of October. Make sure you're "following" my blog, and on Instagram (@macy.blackwell) to be notified when I have that post up!


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