Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

So quick background for the #Nsale in case you haven't heard it everywhere by now. Nordstrom gets new fall arrivals, and then discounts them for a couple weeks before they go up to normal prices. Last year was my first year shopping the sale, and I have mixed feelings. Some of my most-worn pieces last year were from the N-Sale. I got an amazing cardigan I wore almost every day, and the cutest tie henley tops. Some of the stuff is just not great though. I returned probably half of what I ordered. I saw tons of bloggers pushing these $11 tee shirts, and when I got mine it was boxy and felt like cardboard. Lol! The good thing about Nordstrom is that they have the best return policy. Free shipping and returns with any order. So last year I tried everything on, kept what I loved, and returned what didn't work. 

So this year I had the same game plan. I tried to order a ton of stuff that I wanted to try-on, and expected to return some of it. The problem this year is that everything during the early access sold out so fast. I didn't even get a chance to order the snake skin booties I wanted! So that was kind of a bummer. But anyways, I'm going to show you some of my favorites, and the stuff I ordered. 


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