Packing for Vacation

Making lists and packing are some of my favorite parts of vacation. I love being prepared because it allows me to have everything I need, and save money.

Food Box 

This is easier if you're driving, but we took food (in our checked bags) when we flew to the Bahamas too! Bringing a food box saves a ton of money, especially if you have kids. The grocery store prices in tourist destinations are more expensive, and who wants to waste hours of their vacation doing an entire grocery haul. The photo above is just part of the food we're bringing, but you get the idea. As a family, we sit down and figure out the meals we will be eating in for the week, and what everyone wants. We usually break it down in categories of breakfast, lunch, snacks, and beverages. Here's an example of our list:


Instant Oats
Bread (for toast)
Granola Bars
Pancake Mix

*We will buy eggs, milk, butter, and cream cheese once we get there. 


Peanut Butter
Instant Mac and Cheese
Fruit Cups 
Taco Shells/Tortillas/Seasoning for a taco bar

*We will buy turkey, cheese, chicken salad, ground beef, and shredded cheese once we get there. 


Squeeze Pouches (for the kids)
Brownie Mix 

*It's also helpful to throw a few easy snacks in your purse for long waits at restaurants. 


2 Water Cases (64 bottles)
Mini Sodas (Diet Coke, Sprite, etc.)
Juice Boxes
Ginger Beer/Lime Juice (for Moscow Mules)

*We will buy cold adult beverages once we get there. 

Car Activities

I have the best memories of road trips from my childhood. We would always leave at 3 a.m. to drive through the night. My sister and I would go out to the car, and we would have a whole setup! My dad would prep our seats with blankets, pillows, and our "activity bags". These would be filled with new things such as books, coloring supplies. snacks, etc. Oh my goodness, we were so excited! 

I totally try to re-create this now with my own family. My favorite place to find things is in the Target Dollar Spot. Lesson learned: don't buy things with a million pieces. When your kid drops them all over the floor, they will be asking you to pick things up for them every 10 seconds. Whatever you get, just make sure it's new and it will be more likely to keep their attention for longer. You can also do tablets and movies, we just don't do that yet. 

For the Beach 

Another great thing about driving, is that you can take all the crap you want. This year we're packing...

Water Wings (new in package) (not blown up)
Beach Towels (1 per adult, 2 per kid)
Snorkel Set
Water Squirters
Sand Toys (in a mesh bag)
Swim Diapers
Large Beach Tote
Sunscreen (spray is easiest for us)
Sunscreen Face Stick (for kids, and my nose. lol!)
Sunscreen Chap Stick
Sun Hats w/ Strap (for kids)
Bluetooth Speaker

Macy's Packing List 

I bring a ton of stuff, because I want options. I'm going to pack my crop tops, but if I eat too many hush puppies the first couple nights, I gotta have flowy dress options. Basically, depending on the weather, my mood, and my bloating level, I need to have choices. We're going for 7 nights, so I always pack that much + more. 

7 night-time outfits - for dinners out
(+ shoes, jewelry, bras/underwear, purse)

7 day-time outfits - shopping, lunch, quick errands, etc. 

6 beach outfits
(+ hair accessories, sunglasses, jewelry, hats, sandals, coverups)


Active Wear (I never work out, but it's always a possibility. Haha)

Lounge Wear & Robe (for getting ready + down time in the room)

Cheapy Purses (You don't really want to take a nice handbag to the beach restaurants where there's sand everywhere. I'm bringing some cute straw bags!)

Sticky Bras (for every outfit) (This is so important for summer styles that are low-back, strapless, or low-cut. Obvious bra straps, and bra band showing in the back looks tacky.)

Makeup (Clean your brushes, and stock up before you go!) 

Hair Styling Tools and Products


Kids Packing List

I have so much fun packing for the kids! They look so cute in beach clothes and accessories. 

7 night-time outfits 
(dresses/rompers/sandals/hair accessories)

5 day-time outfits

5 beach outfits

3 pajamas
(We have laundry there, so I will just wash them and re-wear halfway through the trip)


Pack-N-Play (sheets/blanket/pillow)


Extra Things I Do Before We Leave

Doing these things helps me have a more relaxing trip, and an easier time coming back home. (It's the worst to get home to a messy house and stinking trash.)

Pay all the bills. 
Make room in my phone for a more photos/videos. 
Clean the house.
Get rid of any trash.
Put on fresh sheets for when we get home. 
Turn the AC down. 
Wash car/shop-vac inside.
Get assorted cash from bank. (20s/10s/5s/1s)
Spray Tan 

Well I think that's about it for this post! I hope this gave you some ideas and inspiration for your next trip. :)


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