Self-Tanning Routine

Anytime now we're going to get a super-nice day, and my skin needs to be ready! I want to feel super confident wearing my shorts, and a healthy glow is key. 

About once a month I will get a spray tan, but most of the time I just do it at home! 

Proper exfoliation is essential to a great self-tan. It's going to look more flawless, and also last a lot longer. I use a scrub with a loofah, and really get every inch of my body in the shower. I will use a Clarisonic on my face, neck, and chest area, because that area can fade the quickest. Then shave super well. 

(Start the tanning process once skin in completely dry.)

I put my hair up so it doesn't get in the lotion. I start with my face. I actually use a beauty sponge, and a tanning face moisturizer. It never breaks out my acne-prone skin. Make sure you apply this up to your hairline, neck, and even a little on your ears.

I've been using this Jergens lotion for years now. It also has firming properties that reduce the appearance of cellulite. This helps me feel so much more comfortable while wearing shorts or dresses. 

For more color, I add a few drops of this serum. I found this product during a recent Ulta haul and love it. The dropper is fun to use, and it can be added into any moisturizer. 

For the darkest color, I love this tanner. I use the deep-dark version, and mix it half-and-half with the firming lotion. By morning, I will be really tan. This never turns out streaky, and the color is more brown than orange. 

So basically, I use a mixture of all of these. ( add more Banana Boat tanner and serum for the darkest tan ) I start with my face, neck, and then the rest of my body. Don't forget to wash your hands after you've applied it. I finish by dabbing some product onto the backs of my hands with the beauty blender. 

*** I also take these products with me on vacations. I always get a spray tan before, but with water, sun, and sand, the spray tan comes off in a couple days. Every afternoon after I shower, I will apply these products to keep my color dark and tropical. ***


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