Valentine's Traditions with Kids

Now that Valentine's Day is approaching, I wanted to share our family tradition. Growing up, my dad would always go above and beyond. All 3 of us (mom, sister, & me) would have special presents he had picked out. We would also have beautiful roses, chocolates, and handwritten notes. For breakfast, he would bring us a huge box of assorted donuts, and chocolate milk. We loved this tradition so much! I just had to keep it going for my girls.

The fun thing about Valentine's Day is that is can be whatever you make it. It doesn't have to just be between a couple. As a family, you can do anything you want to celebrate love. It doesn't have to be expensive, either. Just a small toy, snacks, a funny card, etc. Kids are easily impressed. They will just be so excited you made an effort and thought of them. 

Cory usually has to leave for work early in the morning, so I just make sure we have everything prepared the night before. (Once the girls go to sleep) This year, I've already grabbed a few cheap decorations from the Target dollar spot, and plan on putting together little gift bags for the girls. We will get donuts, (Cresent is our current favorite!), balloons from Dollar Tree, and flowers from Kroger. (Usually around $10, instead of $70 at a florist.) 

If you don't want to purchase anything new, try using what you already have to make a festive treat! I made my chocolate chip pancakes, (recipe in Christmas Brunch post), and just cut the fruit into little hearts. For the bacon, I folded it into a heart shape on a cookie sheet, and then put it in the oven for about 15 minutes. Super cute and easy! 

I added a few throwback Valentine's Day photos below. 

 I believe this was 2015, when we lived in a townhouse. Cory actually made cinnamon rolls from scratch. (Which is a huge deal, because he never cooks! Haha) He also put together a whole folder full of date ideas for us. 

These next photos are from my childhood! My mom found these in our family photo albums. 

I'm so grateful that my dad took the time and thought to do this for us every year. It's one of the special things about him that I will always remember.

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