Make It Through the Holidays Skinny

Why Should You Care?

--- Disclaimer: This post is for people who want help achieving their weight loss/fitness goals. ---

The struggle is real. 

But think about it. These holiday gatherings are really only a few days out of the entire season. And to break it down even further, just a few meals. What's really going to make you gain weight over the winter months is how you eat on all the other days. 

The holidays aren't really the problem. It's our mind sets. As soon as temperatures drop, we're so eager to be able to live in leggings and oversize sweaters. I'm totally one of those people! Honestly, it gets stressful feeling like I have to be swimsuit-ready every day of summer. The let-down is nice. Our minds (and bodies) need a break from a strict diet, and constant workouts sometimes. I'm the first one to say I love autumn because I feel like I can throw on a sweatshirt and enjoy a slice (or 3) of pumpkin bread without worrying about having to be in a bikini that afternoon. 

Here's the major issue. The break has to stop somewhere. We cannot quit our healthy lifestyle for half of the year, and blame it on the "holidays". We know we are going to indulge at some point, so we just go ahead and throw our healthy routine out the window. You cannot expect to hit your goals if you're always living in the "I'll start in January" mentality. 

In case you haven't caught on, every year is the same. On January 2nd you join a gym, and your Pinterest is filled with "clean eating" recipes. By February, you're losing motivation. March comes around, and you've basically quit altogether. Once fall hits, you tell yourself that you'll eat whatever you want through the holidays, and then you'll get your act together in January. Sound familiar? That's why the top two new year's resolutions are to (1) eat healthier, and (2) exercise more. We've got to get off of this crazy cycle. 

Something that helps me is to think about the future. How do I want to feel in a few weeks, or a few months from now? Do I want to be able to button up my pants? Um...yeah. No food is worth not being able to feel comfortable in your own skin. I once saw something on Pinterest that said, "This month's choices are next month's body." That is so true, guys! Making good diet and exercise choices aren't always instant gratification. You have to be patient and consistent. You have to be able to realize that your choices now are affecting your future self. It's always going to pay off in the long run. Your fitness journey is like a marriage. A long-term commitment. There are going to be ups and downs. Times when it's easy, and times when it's hard. You have to put in the work, and keep moving forward. 

Thanksgiving and Christmas Day Tips

I'm not going to tell you to just eat the green beans and lean turkey at Thanksgiving. Well, because cheese potatoes. And homemade pumpkin pie. Indulging in these seasonal foods is just apart of the holiday experience.

Here's my best tip: Go for just your favorites. Skip what you don't 100% love.

Usually, I have a couple foods I'm super-excited for. Those are what I focus on. There's no rule that you have to fill your plate with every single thing on the buffet line. 

Don't go get seconds. Eat your food as slow as possible, and enjoy conversation with your family. When you wolf it down it 2 minutes, you're more likely to go back up and get that second plate.

Think about beverages. Obviously water is the best choice. If you are really craving sweet tea or glass of wine, just stick to one and then switch to water. Like I've said before, drinks are a huge waste of calories.

Be choosey at the dessert table. You don't have to try everything. If I see my sister-in-law's home made red velvet cake, I'm going to get a slice of that. I'm always going to pass on the store-bought pies. 

Plan on it being your one meal of the day. If you guys have been reading my other posts, you know I've had a lot of success with intermittent fasting. Same goes for the holidays. Just drink some coffee in the morning, and don't eat at night. If for some reason you're hungry by the time you get home, grab a super light snack. My favorite low-cal snack is sliced turkey, or a small serving of cottage cheese.

So now is the really important part. Wake up the next morning, and get right back to your normal food plan. Make sure you're still eating fresh foods. I know when it's winter I'm craving all the comforts. You have to find ways to incorporate clean, whole foods into your winter diet. Not only will you look better, you'll feel better as well. 

Take a look at your grocery cart. Are you getting most of your food from the produce section or the center aisles? Sometimes I have to check myself, because I'll look down and see mostly cheese, pasta, and bread.

Extra Tips 

I love getting the Starbucks holiday drinks, but I try to just get a couple the entire season. Stick with the low-fat, low-calorie drinks for your normal coffee run.

Keep temptations out of the house. I'm always in the mood to bake fresh cinnamon rolls or make Christmas candy. Give most of those treats away to friends and family. If I make a big batch of Oreo balls and keep them all in the house, that's just setting myself up for failure. Save a couple for your own family, and then box up the rest for others.

I hope you guys can apply some of these tips to your own weight loss/fitness journey. Thank you so much for reading! And I love getting your messages, so always feel free to reach out to me. :) 


  1. This just feels icky to read. How about an emphasis on healthy instead of skinny? Health should be the goal.

  2. Good advice. It really is the consistent daily choices you make that make the difference. A lot of the tips you recommend are things my nutritionist recommended to incorporate into my lifestyle. Especially eating slowly, focusing on the favorites and not feeling the pressure to try everything, then getting back on the wagon the next day.

    I've lost almost 100 lbs over the past two years and no longer have high blood pressure. I feel amazing. I think your intentions are good here.

  3. You are Amazing !! Thanks so much for sharing and being honest about your own struggles!! You are always so helpful in the kitchen and now with weight loss 😂

  4. I love Macey comments and inspiration I’m struggling with weight I’m older 60 and it’s hard to exercise but I keep going and reading her blogs lifts me up and helps me know I can do it. Thank you Macey and God bless you!


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