Kohl's Black Friday Favorites

Kohl's Black Friday sale is live! This is one of the few sales I wait all year for. The deals are just too good to miss. I love that they begin on Monday, so I can get a lot of my shopping done before Thanksgiving.

When I was younger, I always thought Kohl's was super lame. A few years ago, my friend told me it was always her first stop on Thanksgiving night. I went that first year, and now I'm hooked. Even better, all the deals are online.

So now I always wake up on Monday morning, and put my order in for all my favorite items. Another huge perk of ordering from Kohl's is the "Kohl's cash". The more you spend, the more cash you get back. I usually get anywhere from $60-$100 back. I am able to spend that on anything in stores or online starting the first week of December! Guys, that's a lot of free money.

You can buy gifts for others, or even something for yourself. Last year I bought a bottle of Prada perfume, and the Lorac contour kit I linked in my Holiday Beauty post. It's a win-win.

With all that said, I'm going to share with you my tried-and-true items I order every year. Also items I have my eye on new for this year. Give Kohl's a try for these items, and I promise you'll be back again next year.

Also there is a 15% off your entire purchase. On top of the already amazing deals. Use code, "JOY" at checkout! 

1. Sheets.
One of the first things I learned about adulting is that sheets are expensive. I remember going to Target after we got married and being like, "$80 for sheets?!" The great thing about Kohl's is that their sheets are on major sale only on Thanksgiving week. $15 for any size of microfiber sheets. $25 for the softest winter flannel sheets. So every year, I snag a new sheet set. (Or 2)

Also, this is the perfect time to stock up on sheets for the kids as well. Growing up, we always had special Christmas sheets that we put on our beds for December. I remember being so excited to sleep in my snowflake-printed flannels. So this year, I'm going to pick out some fun ones for Lux. 

The only thing about this deal is that the cute/neutral/trendy patterns sell out super quick. I've went back to the website to order more, just to find that the grey plaid pattern I wanted was gone. So move quick if you see some you want. 

2. Blankets
I always grab some blankets. We use our Kohl's blankets for everything. The girls use them on their beds, we take them on long car rides, cozy up with them in our living room, and even have lots for when we have overnight guests. There's nothing more gross than spending the night somewhere and the blankets are old and stained. I like to keep a few new ones back in our linen closet for when we have couch crashers. Haha! 

So here's the deal. There are two different kinds I can recommend. They run the $3.99 deal on one, and the $8.99 on the other. The more expensive ones are the softest material ever, and larger than the cheaper ones. The $3.99 are still nice, and a great deal. I always get at least a couple. But you do get what you pay for here. 

And as always, the best prints and patterns disappear first and don't restock. You can get them in the store on Thanksgiving night, but I'm not trying to fight the crazies out there for a blanket. 

3. Bath Towels
We ruin a lot of towels. Between Cory being super dirty from work, using them to clean up the kids' messes, and my spray tan residue, we are constantly thrashing them. Kohl's offers their "The Big One" bath towels for $2.99 during Thanksgiving week only. I always get the grey ones before they sell out. 

4. Bed Necessities
I bought "The Big One" foam mattress topper a couple years ago, and it's been great! It's under $35 for all sizes, which is a huge discount from the usual $90-$120 price. 

All the pillows! If you use normal pillows, you need to be replacing them every 6 months. I was "today years old" when I found out. Dust mites start growing in your pillow, and feed off your skin. That is so nasty. Point is, replace your pillows. Kohl's has their "The Big One" brand pillow for $2.99 each. I always buy at least 4.

5. Men's Shoes
I get these every single year for Cory. Black friday only, men's fashion shoes, dress shoes, and boots go on sale for under $30! These are actually good quality shoes, and they have so many stylish options. Tons of people always ask Cory where he got his boots, and I always tell them Kohl's black friday. Lol! They look so much more expensive than they are. I have woken up at midnight on Monday morning multiple years to make sure I get the styles he wants in his size. 

What I Have My Eye On This Year

1. Large Playsets

The construction site set, and the princess castle are on sale for under $20! Regularly $50.

2. Other $20 Deals
Thea is getting this baby doll gear set, and we have one of these adjustable goals!

3. Amazing Toy Steals
This Spider-Man Cityscape is only $25! (Reg. $60) This modern kitchen in on sale for under $50!

4. Kitchen Appliances
All Kitchen-Aid products are on major sale. I really want this hand mixer that is under $30. It comes in 12 gorgeous colors.

5. Designer Dupe Handbags
You know the ring-handbag that you see all the fashion bloggers carrying? It's Chloe, and almost $1,700. Kohl's carries Lauren Conrad handbags which have the exact same designer look for less. Much less. Think under $30.

6. Slippers
House shoes are under $10!

7. Puffer Vests
 $15, comes in 15 different colors. (Including silver and gold metallic!)

8.Wool Peacoats
Originally $99, on sale for $25.


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