Holiday Beauty

It's time to shine! The holidays are full of exciting parties, family gatherings, fun activities, and photos. Lots of photos! Personally, I feel my best when I look my best. Every Christmas season, I stock up on my favorite beauty products so I can be ready for all the events.

I've also included some must-have beauty gifts for others or yourself! I don't know about you, but I usually buy myself a few things, wrap them, and put them under the tree. Thanks, babe! ;)

1. Fake Lashes. If you don't have eyelash extensions, or super-long natural lashes, you need these. Right now, these trio individuals are my favorite. So much easier to apply than a full lash strip, and totally wearable for daytime. Your eyes stand out so much more in photos if you're wearing these. 

2. Plumping Gloss. This is the best brand hands down. It feels like a slight tingle, and absolutely no burn. This color is my favorite, and perfect for layering over your lipstick. My lips are never complete without a few swipes of this magical product. 

3. Powder Brush. I just got this a few weeks ago, and love it! It's a nice heavy weight, so you don't feel like you have to press down super hard to apply product. I use this to blend in my powder foundation, and blur the edges of my contour. 

4. Falsies Mascara. If I'm at Target and have to grab a mascara, this is always my go-to. I go through mascara tubes so quickly, so under $6 is a great price point for me. 

5. Lip Liner. If you're not already lining your lips, you need to be. I always slightly over line, because I'm going for that Kylie Jenner look. Lol! This is my favorite liner. The color is the perfect nude, and blends seamlessly with my other lip products. This pencil glides right on, doesn't budge, and it's retractable! The last thing I want to be doing in the morning is sharpening pencils and making a huge mess. Oh yeah, and this pencil is under $6. 

6. Eyeshadow Brushes. I reach for these two every time. I found them for $4.50 here! 

7. 360 Makeup Storage. This is great if you have a lot of products, and don't have time to be rummaging through a bag. And it's adjustable to fit the products where you need them. Under $17 right now!

8. Highlighter. Nothing says "holiday" more than a blinding highlight. This one is amazing. I used it all summer, fall, and now winter. It has the prettiest gold tint. I also apply this on my shoulders, and collarbone. Give me all the glow!

9. Contour. Nothing has changed my face more than a good contour. In case you didn't know, I have a round potato face. 

This is an actual photo of me in the morning. But seriously, when I finally committed to a nice contour kit, I upped my whole game. I bought the Kat Von D one first, and then tried the Lorac after. I personally prefer the Lorac one. I use the lightest white shade to highlight my brow bone, and inner corner of my eye. It's also $4 cheaper. It instantly slims your face, and gives you a more chiseled look. 

10. Buxom Gift Set. I got this for Christmas 2 years ago, and love it. The sample sizes are perfect to keep in your car, purse, or in a clutch for a night out. 

11. Hair Powder. I will go through 3 of these from now until January 1st. This helps hold all of my hair styles, and gives me the biggest hair ever. Nothing makes me feel more glamorous than when my hair is full of body and volume. 

12.  Drybar Gift Set. The Drybar craze is real. This set would make a beautiful gift! It includes a volume-boosting shampoo, conditioner, root-lifter, and mousse. The reviews are fantastic. 

13. Makeup Train Case. I've been a makeup junkie since middle school, so I've tried many cases. The Sephora one is my favorite! I take it everywhere. I have so many products, and cannot imagine the nightmare of trying to throw it all in the same bag. I got this from my MIL a couple years ago, and it is still in perfect condition. 

14. Makeup Mirror. Every woman needs a nice makeup mirror. I got one a few years ago and it's made my beauty routine so much better. No more putting my makeup on in bad/dark lighting. I found a cheaper version for under $26, and great reviews. 

15. Glow Gift Set. Five gorgeous highlighting products all in one package. You might want this as an early Christmas gift if you're trying to be extra at all the holiday parties. 

16. Tweezers. A perfect stocking stuffer. I won't use any other tweezers. These get every single hair. I actually have a pair for tweezing, and bought another pair to apply my false lashes. 

17. La Mer. The ultimate splurge beauty gift. 2.8K five-star reviews on the Nordstrom website. This was one of the top 5 best-selling beauty gifts last year. If the Kardashians use it, I should be using it too. 

18. Acrylic Organizer goals. 4-piece set to fit all your favorite beauty products. Most organizers I see are outrageous prices, but this one is under $33! 

19. Tarte Eyeshadow Palette. This is my current fave. All the warm burgundy tones that have been so big this year. 

20. This eyeshadow! I own "Amaze", and have 2 other colors currently on the way. Because I'm going to be doing the most this holiday season. Lol! This stuff is soooo sparkly. Did I mention it's only $5?

21. Sugar Scrub. The best body scrub I've tried. This scent instantly transports you to a tropical island. I always use this for exfoliating before a self-tanner. And when I want buttery-soft skin. Under $8. 

22. Clarisonic. I have had problem skin for the last 5 years. I feel like I'm always fighting breakouts, and this tool helps me unclog my pores. When dealing with acne, it's so important to get your skin completely clean at the end of the day. Under $100 here.  

23. Skincare Gift Set. I love the Origins brand, and this set packs all the bestsellers into one gift for under $30. 

24. Body Care. This is one of my favorite scents. This set comes with The Body Shop's famous body butter, sugar scrub, shower gel, hand scream, scented spray, and a loofah. 

25. Crepe Erase. So I've watched this infomercial a thousand times. It looks legit! Even though I'm young, I have a few places that I feel could benefit from this product. So excited they sell it here! 

26. Makeup Brush Cleaning Glove. Every month of so, my brushes need a bath in the worst way. I use one of these + some Johnson's baby shampoo to get all my brushes looking brand new, and super soft. 

27. Naked Cherry Palette. I really want to experiment with all these gorgeous new shades. 

28. Beauty Sponges. These are my go-to sponges. I buy these over and over again. I love the flat side, and they don't tear apart. 

29. At-Home Microneedling Tool. This is all the rage right now. It was also in the top 5 best-selling beauty gifts last Christmas. I see all the big bloggers using this tool. I would love to try it!

30. Moisture Surge. I mentioned this in another gift guide, but I really love it. My combination skin gets so dry/itchy in the winter, and this product makes it feel so refreshed. 

31. Eye-liner. If you want to slay that cat-eye, you need this liner. I seriously don't know what I'd do if I ran out. 

32. Perfume. Christmas is the perfect time to splurge on a nice perfume. I've worn Viva La Juicy for years. Last year, I tried Prada Candy, and rotate the two of them now. I like super-sweet, fruity scents if you can't tell. Haha! 

33. Lip Stain. I'm wearing this exact color in 95% of photos I take. It's the perfect mix of nude and mauve. Your lips but better, basically. This has great staying power, and is only $14. 

34. Dyson Hair Dryer. Total splurge item, but if you've been extra good this year....

35. Mask Set. This gift set is perfect for a winter pampering sesh. I have the full-size of the cucumber gel one and love it. 


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