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I'm so excited to share my first gift guide with you guys! Every year, I spend hours (days) on endless websites trying to find the best items. I'm going to include all the links below. 

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1. A luxurious robe. I love that this one comes in many color options. 

2. Stud earrings. All girls need these because we're constantly losing them. I love that these are so affordable, have gold hardware, and come in different sizes. 

3. Reese Witherspoon's book! I love reading books written by my favorite celebs. 

4. Collagen Peptides. My mom uses these, and I probably should start too now that I'm 25. Lol! (but seriously) 

5. High-waisted leggings. If you're anything like me, you get anxiety when you can't wear them for the 4th day in a row. The reviews on this pair are amazing! Also comes in more colors. 

6. Patagonia sweater. I would wear this all the time. This is also on my mom's Christmas list. 

7. This cheetah scarf is adorable! I love how the colors are more subtle, and look at the price!

8. I have a black Adidas Originals sweatshirt, and wear it constantly. I love the dusty light pink color. 

9. I'm definitely ordering this laptop case for myself this year. I have the grey marble, and love it. 
This brand is great quality and price. 

10. I ask Cory to get me a planner every year for Christmas. It's always one of my favorite gifts. 

11. This bralette that you see everywhere. So cute, and so many color options. 

12. Basically a Yeti for your wine. I'm going to need this. 

13. Cory got me this mug last year. It makes me happy when I use it. :) 

14. House slippers! These ones are adorable and have blingy detailing. 

15. This camo crewneck sweatshirt looks so cool and comfy. 

16. I really need a new dressed-up coat, and this one from Express is my favorite so far. 

17. Everyone needs this pair of ripped black jeans!!! These are my favorite pants I own (that aren't leggings). They slim you in all the right places, without flattening out your butt. 

18. This hat is the cutest thing ever. And it's on sale. 

19. If you want big, juicy lips, you need to be using Buxom plumping glosses. Cory got me this set 2 years ago, and I still have some left. I've used this brand for 10 years now.

20. Everyone needs a Clarisonic. I've had mine for a few years. (It's also great for exfoliating before getting a spray tan, or applying self-tanner.)

21. This would be so cute to display my mugs. 

22. We love our Nespresso. Espresso machines are the gift that keeps on giving.

23. Beats. Cory got this pair for me 2 years ago, and they are still amazing. No cords are awesome, and they stay on your head. These get me through my workouts. 

24. I love this skinny cheetah belt. I have one from Express, but I found a cheaper version from Target! 

25. This is apparently the most-wanted fragrance for women. I need to try it out!

26. Swift run. These are the best sneakers. I got them last year for Christmas in pink, and then ordered them again in black a couple months later. These are sooooo comfortable, light, and look cute on your foot. They always sell out, so if you see your favorite color and size, get them. 

27. Dyson. This is something I've wanted, especially for the cordless feature. 

28. I'm pretty sure everyone has an instant pot except me. My mom has this on her list too. 

29. Quay is my new favorite sunglasses brand. They have the newest, fun styles, and are affordable. Also, the quality is a lot nicer than other brands I've tried. I have 2 different pairs now, and am asking for a 3rd this year. :) 

30. Burberry scarf. This is more of a splurge item, but these scarves are classic. Cory got me one for my 19th birthday, and I wear it all through the winter. 

31. I got this sugar lip balm set last year, and loved it! These feel so nice on your lips, and they have great color tints to them. Also SPF, so I can use them in the summer out at the pool as well. 

32. Furry pullover. I love these because they are just so warm and cozy! These were one of the top selling apparel items last Christmas. 

33. Uggs. Can't stop, won't stop. They are just too comfortable, and super adorable. 

34. Gucci crossbody! 

35. These Kendra Scott necklaces are gorgeous. I love how dainty and glam they are. They go with any outfit, and come in tons of color options. 

36. Basic tees are life. I discovered these during the Nordstrom sale this fall, and ordered 3. The grey is my favorite. They are so soft, and flattering. I like to knot mine in the front

37. Every woman has to have this push-up bra. This is the only bra I wear. I own it in black and nude. It gives you great lift, support, and it has side-to-back panels that hide any back fat. This bra is a winner. 

Info about my favorite sites to order from during the holidays:
Target has free shipping with no minimum order through December 22nd!
Nordstrom has free shipping & free returns! 


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