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Baby gifts! I can't think of anything more cute and fun than shopping for the tiniest humans. I try to buy a good mix of adorable clothes, exciting toys, helpful gear, and winter necessities. As always, feel free to share, and tag a friend who has a baby to buy for. Thanks! 

My Gift Guide Shopping Tips: 

***Gap is my all-time favorite place to shop for the girls' clothes. They have the best quality, and the stuff doesn't fall apart like a lot of brands. (And they always have a coupon code! Don't purchase anything without a coupon code. You can find them right on their website.) 

***Target is free shipping and returns with no minimum order!

***Nordstrom is also free shipping and returns with no minimum order! 

***A lot of these gifts can be for either gender! So even if you're shopping for a girl, take a look at the boys section too. 

Baby Boy

1. I love this seat! I had a Bumbo for both girls, but this one is a better price. And it includes the tray! 

2. This is the cutest bath toy set. And under $20. 

3. Why didn't I see these diapers caddies before?! This is the best idea ever. Perfect to stock up with (diapers, wipes, snacks, toys, extra clothes, first aid kit, etc.) and leave it in the car. This tote looks so stylish and it's under $23. 

4. Ergo carrier. This is the exact one I have. When Lux was a baby, I had a Baby Bjorn. I never used it because it dug into my shoulders, and she quickly outgrew it. This one has been amazing. Thea is a really clingy baby, so I would always wear this in the grocery store, Target, taking walks, etc. 

And now that she's 20 months, we still use it! This was a great purchase, and I'll be saving it for my sister for when she has babies! 

5. Winter shoes 

6. This sports bag is adorable. 

7. Puffer vest

8. Winter hat

9. North Face jacket. (You're not supposed to strap your kids in their carseat with a heavy coat on. We've always used North Face jackets because they are lightweight, but still super warm.) This makes the in-and-out of the car very easy, without seatbelt struggles. 

10. Cozy jammies

Gifting Tip: When buying for others, don't buy them Christmas-themed stuff for Christmas. I know this seems obvious, but it happens. Most people aren't going to be wearing Santa jammies in January, so just keep that in mind.  Pick a pattern or print they will be able to wear through the winter, and even into the spring. 

11.  Jeans 

12. Monogrammed leather chair

13. This taco teether. I think I want this for myself. Haha!

14. Socks. The more the merrier. If you have a baby, you know that these just disappear. 

15. Long-sleeved onesie

16. This black denim Levi's jacket is too cute. Wishing I had a baby boy right now. 

17. Patagonia jacket

18. Little-man sweater. These colors are perfect for January.

19. Vans. Love the grey, and velcro is life. 

20. Denim button-up shirt.

21. DADA book - Jimmy Fallon. This was Thea's favorite book! 

22. Camo sherpa jacket

23. This car walker is baby goals. 

24. On-the-go activity seat! We could have really used this when the girls were little. This would be great for ball games, family gatherings, camping, hanging out by the pool, etc. Basically anywhere where your baby needs a safe place to sit and play. 

25. Bibs

26. Carseat activity toy. Thea loved this. Under $15!

27. Buttpaste. The perfect stocking stuffer. This stuff clears up rashes almost instantly. It worked great for both of my girls. 

28. Pizza teether. So cute! 

29. This sports activity center would be such a great gift! I'm obsessed with all the "Step 2" products. 

30. Activity center seat

31. Avocado teether

32. Baby McLaren. Just thinking of all the cute photos. And a perfect first car for babies, since you can push it. 

33. I love this activity gym. The colors are nice, and it has that cute cloud pillow!

34. Baby wash. We really like this kind. 

35. Coffee-cup teether. Thea had this, and we always got so many compliments on it. Under $5!

36. Wooden hammering bench. Under $17. 

37. Sophie. This has been super popular forever, but babies love it. 

38. Play-mat in neutral colors. I've seen a lot of YouTube moms have these in their homes. They blend in, so it doesn't look like you're running a daycare in your living room. Lol 

39. Banana toothbrush. Thea has this! She loves bananas, and she only wanted to brush her teeth if she could use this. 

40. Adidas shoes! With velcro, of course. 

41. Adidas tracksuit. 

Baby Girl

1. Avocado stroller toy. This is too adorable. Under $10. 

2. Baby wash. This one makes your baby smell amazing. 

3. Bubble tea teether. I love finding unique accessories that not everyone has. 

4. Bow clips

5. Socks

6. Baby Bling Bows. These are the best of the best. I wish I knew about these when Lux was a baby. Thea has over 50 of these. I linked a 3 pack of skinnies, and also the original knot style. (Which is currently almost 50% off!)

7. Instrument set. Super annoying for parents (haha), but the babies love it! 

8. Diaper caddy organizer. I found this one for under $17!

9. Ball popper. Love the colors. 

10. Stacking cup set. Lux was obsessed with stacking cups. 

11. Gym bag. I think it's awesome they came out with a sports bag in pink! 

12. "On-the-go" breakfast set comes with a newspaper, donut, and the coffee teether all for under $9. 

13. Puppy care-taking kit. Thea would love this. 

14. Babies love these pop up toys. This one is the cutest with the garden fruits and veggies. 

15. Car seat activities. These are so nice to wrap around the handle, and you can pull them off and let your babe hold it as well. 

16. This is the prettiest play gym. I love the tropical theme. 

17. Playmat. The colors are gorgeous. Perfect for a living room, bedroom, playroom, etc. 

18. Hunter boots for baby. We could get a ton of use out of these through the winter and into the rainy spring months! 

19. Zany Zoo. Thea got this for Christmas last year. She still plays with it, and Lux does too!! There are so many activities on it. It's very well made, and super cute. 

20. If you're a crazy person about seeing primary colors everywhere (ME), this is the perfect play mat. The black, white, and gold combination is beautiful. And would look nice in any part of your home. 

21. Nike track suit. 

22. Uggs. So cozy for baby! We wear ours all the time.

23. Apron skirt. This would be adorable through winter and spring. 

24. Cheetah sweater. The Tucker and Tate brand is one of my favorites. Everything is high quality, and still looks new after washing. I want this one in my size!

25. Long-sleeved dress.

26. Patagonia waterproof vest. 

27. Gold ballet flats. 

28. Winter jammies. Also looks cute for the spring. Babies look so sweet in the button-up style. 

29. Sherpa sweater. 

30. Snow leopard jacket. 

31. Matching mitten and beanie set. 

32. Skirt/leggings combo. Thea has these, and they're awesome. It eliminates a whole step of finding tights to go under the skirt. They instantly dress up any outfit, or plain onesie. 

33. North Face beanie. Lux has a blue one and it's so warm. 

34. Adidas shoes. A neutral colored pair goes with everything! 

35. A pretty sweater. Beige, grey, and blush pink will be great for spring too! 

36. I totally had to add this to the list, because every mom needs one. Instead of stuffing all your shopping bags into the bottom of the stroller, hook them here! You can also use it when you're at a theme park, the zoo, running errands, and basically anywhere you have multiple bags. Comes in 10 colors, and under $8. I have the pink one. :) 


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