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I reached out to my Instagram friends today, and I want to answer all your hair questions in this post! 

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For the longest time I was washing my hair every day, styling with hot tools, and wondering why my hair wouldn't grow. The best thing I've ever done for it was to cut my washing down to once a week! (Or when Cory says my hair is starting to smell like Casa Brava.) I also only style with heat a couple times a week. 

This has been my favorite shampoo and conditioner for the last couple years! It's inexpensive, there are always coupons for it, and it smells amazing. These scents are the best!

To keep my hair from looking brassy, I use this purple shampoo! It's a good price point, and I only have to use it once every few washes. I also wash my hair extensions with this shampoo every once in awhile to keep them matching my real hair.

Samantha Newlin (@manegypsy) has been my hair stylist for over 5 years! She only trims my hair a couple times a year, or when the ends are looking rough. I asked her what exactly she does for color, and this is what she said.

"I do what I call a double blonde, where I foil every section of hair, (so you get that solid blonde look), but softer because there's a bit of your natural in there. Depending on what season it is, and how blonde you want to be, I alternate between all over foil and what I would consider a heavy partial foil. (I go below the crown incase your hair splits in the back). I use a high lift powder lightener with Olaplex (a bond multiplier which helps keep the integrity of hair when lightening). I finish with Olaplex treatment at the bowl, and depending how we feel about tone, I will sometimes tone with a sheer violet toner." 

I cannot live without this hair powder. I buy 2 or 3 of these at a time because I do not want to run out. It gives my roots so much volume, and keeps my hair from laying flat against my head. This also doubles as a dry shampoo for me. My hair starts looking greasy on the 2nd or 3rd day, and I can go a week without washing my hair if I just tap some of this onto my roots. (And then massage it in!) This product is life changing.


I use 3 different styling tools. The one I use the most, is this one! When people ask about how I do my hair, it's usually when I've used this wand. I've had this exact one for over 6 years! It is extremely inexpensive, and gets super hot. I never even had to use the hottest setting. When I curl Lux's hair, I also use this wand, but just at the lowest heat.

I love this flat iron. I bought the flat iron from Hot Tools, and it's terrible. I have also had the same straightener for over 6 years. I don't wear my hair completely straight as much, but when I do, I know that this is going to make it super sleek. Even when I wear my hair curly, I use this to straighten out all my wavy baby hairs.

I just bought this curling iron last year, and I like to use it when I want a more classic curl look. The bigger barrel makes more of a smooth wave than a spiral. I would recommend a barrel this size for medium-longer hair lengths.

I love hair extensions. I usually only wear them when I have extra time, a special occasion, or with ponytails/braids. I have used the Bellami brand for 5 years. They are on the pricey side, but they have always been high-quality and easy to style. They can be washed and color treated without any breakage or fallout. There are tons of different colors to choose from, and different lengths! I always get the 20" sets, because I'm only 5'2'. The color I'm currently wearing is "ash blonde".

I went to the dark side for a little while! I have had light blonde hair for my entire life, and just wanted to do something completely different. I'm glad I tried it out, but overall I just feel like blonde fits my personality the best. So basically as soon as (@manegypsy) got it as dark as I wanted, I told her I was ready to get back to white blonde. Haha! (I'm sure she loved that.) It took about 3 coloring sessions to get it this dark, but then took over a year to get it back to be as light as it was. Taking baby steps with the lightening process was key to not frying my hair off. It took a lot of patience, but it's always better in the long run to do it the right way. The photos below were from winter 2016, and then summer 2016. About 6 months to get it to a medium-blonde.

Other Questions

Easiest way to curl short hair?

I would recommend the wand that I linked. The size is perfect for all hair lengths, and all you do is wrap a 1" section of hair around it, wait for about 5 seconds, and release. Alternate between curling away from your face, and towards your face.

Do you use any heat protectant?

Okay, I feel super bad about this, but I gotta be honest. I have not for awhile now. I do want to start including it back into my routine, though.

How do you get your extensions to not show when you hair is up? 

1. I figure out what part of my head my updo will be, and clip the extensions in the direction that hair will be going. (For underneath, flip them upside down.) 2. Don't use too many extensions. Especially if you have thinner hair. I usually use half of my set when doing updos. It's a lot easier to hide the clips when there aren't as many! 3. Keep the extensions closer to the center of your head, so you have more outer hair to cover them. 4. Use a good hair powder (like the one I love) and really thicken up your roots to better hide the clips.

What is your favorite way to keep your hair healthy and hydrated?

1. Limiting washes, rough brushing, and heated tools. 2. I always use conditioner, and leave it on for at least 5 minutes. 3. Sometimes I will leave a little conditioner on the very ends if it's feeling really dry.

How the heck do you get your bun so cute? 

Haha! Messy buns are so frustrating! I feel like the key is not trying too hard. I just loop my hair around the tie once, and then wrap the excess around and tuck it in the tie. At this point it looks like crap, but I start pulling on pieces until it gets super full. Now I take all the crazy strands, and use bobby pins to secure them behind the bun. I also like to pull down a few baby hair around my face so I don't look so slick-back. Lol!

If I want extra volume in the front, I make a Snooki-style poof first, and secure it with bobby pins. Then, I go about doing the rest of the original bun process. Last, I carefully take out the bobby pins,and run my fingers through the poof until it looks more natural and blends in with the rest of my hair!

How do you handle frizz in the summer heat? 

If the weather is super sticky, I avoid straightening my hair at all costs. If the humidity is mild, I'm usually able to wear it curly without it going crazy. If it's rainy, or extremely hot, I just wear it up! I find cute summer styles like ponies, buns, and braids.

Did you have any post-partum hair loss issues?

I did not. Well at least I think I didn't. Haha. My hair is pretty thick to begin with, so if I lost some I really didn't notice.

How do you get your messy/loose waves?

My wand! I straighten my roots with my flat iron first, and then separate my hair into two sections. I take about 1" pieces and alternate which way I curl them. That helps the waves look more messy! Also, I only leave my ends on the heat for a half second so they aren't too curled. After I'm finished, I tap the hair powder all over the top half of my roots, flip my head upside down, and shake it all out!


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