Lux & Thea's Rooms

When we built our home 2 years ago, I decided I wanted to keep the girls' rooms pretty neutral. I did not want any crazy themes, and didn't want to have to re-paint the nice grey walls. Also, I needed to be able to use all the furniture pieces in both rooms. (Thea usually gets all the hand-me-downs. Lol!)

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The first room belongs to Lux. She is 4 years old, and this is a perfect space for her. We absolutely love this toddler bed. It's low to the ground and has side rails, so we don't worry about her rolling off in the middle of the night. This will definitely be getting handed-down to Thea! Also, it fits a crib mattress, so we just transferred it from her crib to the toddler bed when she was ready.

The little desk is the cutest. She stores her coloring books and crayons in the drawers, and displays her new books in the little shelf slots. It also has a cork board and dry erase board attached to it.

We got her the little black chair for Christmas last year. It's just right for her size, and she loves to sit and read in it. I wanted something that wasn't very expensive, so I didn't have to stress over stains.

We got the rug at Walmart, wall hangings at Hobby Lobby, and pillows at At Home! I will put the exact links to the bed, desk, and chair below.

This next room belongs to baby Thea. The crib and nightstand were Lux's when she was still a baby. We purchased the rug brand-new last year, and it still looks perfect. I was nervous about a white rug in a baby's room, but it has not shown any dirt at all! Since we don't have carpet, I wanted her to have a nice, fluffy, soft space to roll around and play. I will link it at the bottom!

We found the lamp and bow hanger at TJ Maxx, and storage bins at Target. I actually made the poms myself, after watching a YouTube tutorial. All the supplies I needed were at Hobby Lobby, and it was fun to customize my own colors and patterns. 


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