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I never feel complete until I have my eyes on! My favorite eye makeup look right now is a smokey cut-crease, using neutral colors. Without any eye makeup, my eyes are just average-sized and almond shaped. I've watched lots of YouTube tutorials on eye makeup, and here's what I like best on myself.
Disclaimer: This is a full-out makeup look. It does take me about 30 minutes just for eyes. I can do a 10-minute-face post in the future!

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My naked face (and dirty hair)..... Lol! I don't have eyelash extensions or microblading, so I literally have to do all the steps when I do my makeup. In the future, I might try those treatments, but for now this is what I have to work with. Haha! 

I need to talk about these brushes because they are great. They are cheap, and good quality. I use these for my eye makeup, and also use the Real Techniques brand for beauty sponges.

For this post, I will already have my eyebrows filled in. I start with a primer specifically for my lid. I've tried a lot of primers and this has been my favorite for the last 8 years. I save this primer for when I need my makeup to stay on all day and night. If I apply this before my shadow, my eyes will last 24 hours. This is a holy grail product for me!!! It's the Lorac Behind the Scenes Eye Primer. 
It always comes included with the Lorac Pro Palletes.

I have used Lorac brand since high school, and it's still my favorite. The shadow colors are the most pigmented and have staying power. I have purchased the Pro Palette 2, two times in a row now. I alternate using this palette and the Tartlette "in bloom" palette. These shadows are pretty good as well, and I love the burgundy & warm shades it includes. 

I use a shimmery white to highlight my brow bone. Right now I'm just using the highlight from my Lorac contour pallete because I've used all the white from my Lorac Pro Pallete 2. Lol! I start my shadow with a transition color. I like a warm, pinky brown and just blend that into my crease roughly. This doesn't have to look perfect. 

Next, I like to use a light shimmery beige on my lid. Then I grab a skinny brush and define my crease. I use a darker brown or a burgundy shade and just blend that in (back and forth until desired darkness). Then to make my eyes really pop I darken my outer 1/3 of my lid. (In a "<" and  ">" shape.) I use a dark grey or black. 

Underneath my eye, I use the same shadow as my first transitional shade, and lightly apply underneath my lash line. I connect that line with where the base of my cat-eye is going to begin. 

I blend this together until it looks good. (Taking a shade lighter on your brush and using that to blend will soften the look.) 

Now I start with my first eyeliner. This is another holy grail product that I absolutely need. Waterproof, retractable, and goes on smoothly. This will not run, or like some pencils, make you feel like you are ripping your eye skin. 

I really smoke this look out by taking a medium grey shadow on a skinny brush, and blending it into the liner. Now I top this off with Kat Von D trooper liner. 

This is my favorite liner for the last 5 years. It's so black and stays on forever. I start my wing at the base and slowly flick up (about a 45 degree angle). Then, I line my top lash line. Pretty thin at the inner corner, and gradually getting thicker until it connects with the tip of the wing. Fill in the empty wing space. 

Now I do my top lashes with mascara. Right now I'm using Maybelline falsies. It's cheap and has never failed me. So for a normal day I would be done, but if it's the weekend or a special occasion I whip out the fake lashes. 

I have three different ways I do them. I will alternate these three different ways depending on what look I'm going for.  

The first way, for a subtle look, is to use the individual wispies. This is more time consuming, but creates a more natural look. I just focus on the outer half of my eye. I would definitely use this method for a daytime or outdoor event, when I don't want to look too "extra". 

Another way is a full lash strip. I usually have to trim the outer 1 or 2 lashes from it to get it to fit my lid. Add a minimal amount of glue, let it rest for a few seconds, then carefully apply it. Make sure it's directly on your lash line on both ends so they don't end up looking wonky. When they are where I want them, I use tweezers and squeeze them down. At this point I let them rest for a minute while the glue hardens. I will do something else like line my lips or finish off brows. A few minutes later, I will take my mascara and gently give each eye a few swipes at the base of the lashes. (Don't apply to the tips of the falsies or they will mark up the back of your eyelid.) I finish by applying a few swipes of mascara to my bottom lashes.

Newest way I'm loving: Ardell trio individuals. This is similar to using the individual wispies. They are a lot better though, because they save you time by not having to apply every single lash. I literally only need about 3 of them on my outer eye, and then use the single wispies to fill in a couple spots. 

To finish all eye makeup, I check and see if I need to make any touchups like an extra swipe of liquid liner on the top, highlight at the brow bone, or the inner corners of my eye. And then you're done!

 * This is brows filled, and white highlight on brow bone.

* Finished! I used the trio individuals in this photo.  


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